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Mythology, history and nature combine to create a multitude of fascinating possibilities for exploring a country so generously blessed.

Steeped in mythology and legend from antiquity to Byzantium; from majestic mountains to picturesque coves and beaches to azure seas and islands, you can explore Greece in private by car or yacht.

We help and guide you to tailor make your very own experience providing a knowledgeable English speaking driver/guide who can be at your disposal for the duration of the tour, or detailed guidance notes if you prefer self drive.

Whatever your choice, you will experience the care, service and specialist knowledge that has earned us the name Best of Greece.

Suggested 3 day tour from Athens:

Day 1: Delphi Day 2: Olympia Day 3: Nafplio

Mythology, Byzantium and Natural Beauty - 7 day tour of Mainland Greece

Day 1: Meteora

Day 2: Vikos Gorge, Zagoria

Day 3: Metsovo, Ioannina

Day 4: Dodoni, Parga, Preveza

Day 5: Karpenisi

Day 6: Delphi, Ossios Loukas

Day 7: Athens

Peloponnese, land of myths and legends

The land of the Peloponnese is gifted with everything that epitomizes Greece: a glorious and intricate past, natural beauty in abundance and modern day treasures.

Visit the port of Nafplion with it's Venetian old quarter crowned by an imposing Byzantine castle, explore Ancient Epidavros, the best of all ancient amphitheatres, experience Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games or Mystra, the ruined Byzantine monastic town at the foothills of legendary Mount Taygetos. see the the medieval coastal fortified town of Monemvasia, to name but a few amongst many enchanting destinations.

Suggested 7 day Peloponnese tour:

Day 1: Corinth Canal, Epidaurus, Mycenae ending up for the night in Nafplio

Day 2: Coastal drive to Leonidio, Panagia Elona ending up in Mystras

Day 3: Monemvasia

Day 4: Mani ending up in Itilo/Areopoli or Kardamili

Day 5: Koroni, Methoni, Messini ending up in Pylos.

Day 6; Coastal road to Olympia via Ithomi ending up in Olympia

Day 7: Back to Athens, via Loussios Gorge and Acrocorinth.